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Frequently asked questions

What is Metamask and how do I receive my NFT?


Metamask is a digital wallet to receive and store Cryptoassets. In order to receive your NFT the first thing you must do is download the free extension of Metamask. And provide us with your unique wallet address so we can send you the NFT.


When do I get my dividends?


The return is annual, we will deposit it in May. Each Platzee owner can access the Platzee website and log in with the username and password of their Metamask wallet. Once you have logged in you must provide us with your wallet address in order to receive dividends, these dividends will be paid each year to users who provide us with their address otherwise we will not be able to pay your dividends. IMPORTANT: Platzees who do not provide their Metamask address before April 30th of each year will not receive dividends, nor will dividends be accumulated for the following year.

How do I sell my NFT?

NFT's will be delivered to Metamask ready to be traded on OpenSea, this platform is the world's largest digital marketplace for buying and selling NFT's. There is a high level of transactions all the time on this site. it's like an Amazon of NFT's!

How many can I buy?

Each wallet is restricted to 10 units of Platzees, to ensure that there are no "Whales" (A "Whale" is a person who has the largest part of a collection of NFT's). The idea is that our collection is distributed within as many wallets as possible.

How is going to be the sale?

We believe that buying an NFT is currently a complicated and sophisticated process, (having Cryptocurrencies, knowing how to use various technologies) This case does not apply to us! We decided to facilitate the purchase by credit or debit card using a payment gateway called "Stripe". Once you have made your payment we will take care of sending your NFT in a simple and easy way to your Metamask wallet. There is also the option from April 29th to purchase directly from OpenSea, these NFT's can be purchased directly with the Polygon cryptocurrency.


There is also the option from April 29 to purchase directly from OpenSea 500 Platzees, these NFTs can be purchased directly with the Polygon cryptocurrency.


Can I reserve my Platzee?

No, you cannot reserve it. On April 01, 2022 we open the waiting list through an application called Discord, all people who wish to purchase a Platzee on April 29, must be previously registered in Discord, where they will be notified when to purchase their Platzee and send the purchase link.


What is Portafolio Diversificado?


It is a real estate company created by Rodrigo Blanco and his wife Luisa de Blanco. Portafolio Diversificado invest in properties which acquire, remodel and rent to American citizens. Allowing Latin American investors to invest through a passive investment scheme taking care of the daily management of accounting, finances, operations, rent collections, and dividend payments of more than 100 properties.

For more information click here.

Can I pay with cryptocurrency?


The purchase process of a Platzee is through credit card, we will have 500 units available in OpenSea so that they can be purchased with cryptocurrencies.   

How do I make sure that no one takes or steals my NFT?

As with all investments, you must be careful and use the best security protocols, we recommend that you keep the keywords of your digital wallet secured. People who have these keywords have access to your crypto assets, In the same way, we recommend you use a safe and strong password to protect your digital wallet.

Can I use my house in another Metaverse?

No, the Metaverse is for Platzeeland and we are developing our own Metaverse called Platzeeland, where we have a super exciting Roadmap of things that we are going to do and that we will be announcing soon, our entire collection is designed to be used within Platzeeland.


If I sell my premium Platzee, do I also have to give the artwork along with my NFT?

No, they are completely different things Platzee Premium is a rarity within our collection of 5,000 NFTS, this means that 20% of all Platzees is a Platzee Premium, The Platzees Premium have a work by Nathan Ardon inside, which will be delivered on the 11th From July to all Holders, This NFT is completely independent from your Platzee.



How long does the return payment last?

The payment of the return has a duration of 10 years, this term could be extended if Portafolio Diversificado decides so, we believe it is convenient we could extend this term.


How can I enter Platzeeland?

We will have a grand opening of this wonderful place in September 2022. It is currently under development


How can I buy several Platzees on the day of sale?


 You can only buy 10 Platzees per wallet, and only those who are on the Discord waiting list and have shared the website with their acquaintances and friends can buy. For each person you invite, you earn a point that adds a higher place on the leaderboard to acquire a Platzee on April 28. The more you share, the more opportunity you will have to buy your NFT!

According to Bloomberg, it indicates that a third of NFT collections have collapsed


In all industries at the beginning there is a lot of speculation and all the collections that are not adding value will collapse and therefore their price will reach zero; but what we did at Platzees was support the collection with physical assets, provide a return and build a Metaverse that generates a lot of value for holders, that is why we believe that we are different from other projects because we have physical support behind


Can I use my Platzee as my brand logo?


Yes, each owner of a Platzee NFT owns the art of said NFT and can use it in any way. In fact, there is a collection called CryptoPunks, in which an American Football player decided to make a clothing line out of it. This means that if you want to do it with you're Platzee NFT, you can.

How does Platzees profitability work?

Yes, you can sell your Platzee at any price you want at any time on the OpenSea platform.

When I buy a Platzee, can I resell it and make a profit?

Yes, you can sell your Platzee at any price you want at any time on the OpenSea platform.

Is buying a Platzee a long-term investment?


We believe that we have several different profiles for buyers of our NFT collection there will be people who are going to buy it to resell it in the short term for a profit and people who want to keep it for a very long time and that is also fine we believe that there are two kinds of profiles, you could keep the annual return for many years or you could sell it at the very start, this is up to you.

Will the "properties" have rarity characteristics with each other?

All Platzees are unique and special but there are some that are more unique than others, we have a total of 8 different rarities which make certain Platzees more collectible, special and unique than others.


How will you take care of personal data and security when making the payment?


Payment will be made by credit card using an online payment gateway called Stripe, Stripe is the payment gateway with the highest technology and security worldwide.

Why is the price of the Platzees in dollars?

Platzees is a 100% Guatemalan project, however we have a global vision when we put the price of the Platzees in dollars we have a strong global currency as a reference, in addition all our real estate investments in the United States are priced in dollars.

Will they release another collection later?

Yes, we are already working on the next collection that will happen within Platzeeland, our own Metaverse, we have many dreams and beautiful things that we are generating for the future so you should be aware.

What guarantees me that the price of NFTs will rise?

Nothing, we cannot guarantee it and we only want you to invest in this project if you believe in our company, in our performance and in the product we are making. However, we cannot guarantee that the price will rise, but we will do our best to make it happen.

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