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Every Platzee is a key

Each Platzee has been modeled in 3D and scaled to real house dimensions so we can

interact with our virtual houses

This is why we are extemly excited to annouce Platzeeland, our own metaverse Platzeeland


We are currently developing our Windows and Mac apps so you can enter this wonderful new world from the comfort of your computer.


A magical & fabulous virtual city.

We have many dreams for this virtual city, including multiplayer, chat, connection to Opensea, the ability to trade both physical and digital assets, and much more.


We have a lot to share with you, but not quite yet. But we can say this: we are spending lots of time and effort to create the best metaverse that we can. We believe that it will truly be something transcendental.

We will open Platzeeland's doors in September 2022, together with our second NFT collection, called “Land”.

We know you have many doubts about it, and soon all of them will be resolved. The most important thing at the moment is this: all Platzees holders will have owner access to our metaverse and will be able to be part of everything that happens there firsthand.

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